A central indoor design element

In a lively home the stairs get a lot of use so all staircases in your home should be of the highest quality. The staircase gives your home a special charm and is as important a design element as your front door.

This is why the stairs are usually custom designed in a Fuhrberger Fachwerk house.

Whether a massive wood staircase or resilient steps in an accessory building – stairs for every house and family are individually planned and built.

Pre-finished stairs

If you decide to use pre-built stairs we can match these to your personal wishes and the design of your house.

Here is an example of a typical pre-finished staircase:

An open winding prefinished solid pine wood staircase with a seamless railing was installed. All finishing trim is included (total width of the run = 1,00m). A folding staircase gives access to the attic. (It’s installed parallel to the ceiling trusses.)

Solid wood staircases

A solid wood staircase is an ideal and appealing feature for a Fachwerk house.

Solid wood exudes durability and value.

It offers a wealth of design possibilities and emphasizes the traditional character of your house.

Solid wood stairs are available in different sorts of wood and designed according to your personal style.

Mixed materials

Stairs from mixed materials such as wood and steel give the house a modern feel. Individually crafted stairs fit the particular design of your Fuhrberger Fachwerk House.

Here you see stairs made from a combination of woods, steel and other materials.

Custom solutions

Here the creative possibilities are unlimited. A stair made of stone and clay is a good example of what can be constructed inside your Fachwerk house.

Attic stairs

Folding stairs are typically used as access to unfinished attics. Here homeowners value inconspicuous and practical solutions.

Ladder stairs

Practical and high quality ladder stairs are used in accessory buildings or for access to attics.

As a utility stair they are designed more simply than the main staircase in the house.

External staircase

The external staircase fits the overall design impression of the house and outbuildings.

The rugged exterior stairs of the Fuhrberger Zimmerei are made of durable domestic wood. They are weatherproof, stable and durable.

Railing systems

Balusters, spindles and handrails are ergonomically perfect so that they will feel good to the hand after many years of use.


Balusters and baluster heads characterize the overall image of the stairs and define its beginning and end.