Interior design

Sophisticated bathroom design – a wellness oasis in your own home

A contemporary bathroom is your own private wellness center. As a place of relaxation for the whole family it deserves careful planning and top quality features. The Fuhrberger Zimmerei is pleased to create your personally designed bathroom in cooperation with our proven partner-company Ralf Dolgner.

Fixtures with timeless ceramic molds and matching plastered fittings, selected according to functional and practical aspects, are offered as the basic equipment for our bathrooms. Thoughtful design and craftsmanship, combined with modern technology and facilities - this is the formula of the company Ralf Dolgner for a bathroom you will enjoy for many years.

Your own private spa

Do you plan to make your bathroom the jewel of your house?

Every family has different wishes when it comes to the design and equipment of the bathroom. A bathroom should be individualized to meet the needs of the user and the possibilities, especially in rooms with timber-framing, dormer windows and sloped ceilings.

The Dolgner company presents you with examples of bathroom equipment in their own showroom.

We will review your wishes and the given room situation and develop a concept for your one-of-a-kind bathroom.

The kitchen – the center of family life

Cooking, eating, laughing and communication – today’s kitchen should be highly functional and at the same time so comfortable that the whole family can enjoy gathering here and spending valuable time together.

With the Fuhrberger Zimmerei you will find a kitchen that meets all your needs. We can create specialized solutions for integrating a technologically innovative kitchen with the traditional architecture of your Fachwerk house.

The music room – a must for music lovers

If you love music you will certainly want a place where you can pursue your passion without disturbance. The establishment of a music room is a must for anyone who likes music and a little space is enough to make the dream come true. We can create a cozy space for you to rehearse with family or friends or listen to music. The Fuhrberger Zimmerei is glad to help you follow your musical ambitions.