Historic Fachwerk

We build Fachwerk houses with history

Some of the pictured Fachwerk houses are unique in that they are made with antique oak beams. We differentiate between old Fachwerk houses that were originally built in another location and moved (translocation), and Fachwerk houses that have new architecture and are constructed from antique oak beams of various origins.

Old values in a new place - Translocation

Old buildings in danger of being torn down are disassembled. Number tags are put on intact and reusable building parts. Existing building elements are remodeled; missing parts are replicated lovingly by hand. The entire structure can now be erected once again in a new location. We refer to current building codes so the historical structure meets today’s demands regarding utilities and energy efficiency.

Examples can be found in the section

» Fachwerk restoration

A new building from antique materials designed to meet individual demands

As with all of our new Fachwerk houses, we plan for your unique project. We employ historical building materials such as antique oak beams, roof tiles and bricks. These modern “old“ buildings, with their natural and historical building materials, offer an incomparable living atmosphere. Each one is unique – a masterpiece just for you.

Examples can be found under the sections

» Bissendorf
» Fuhrberg
» Scherenbostel

We design living space with historical building materials

Refurbished Fachwerk and many other historical building materials are offered by our partner: Blöcher Baustoff-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG.

This company annually takes down about 30 old buildings and carefully retrieves the antique building materials like beams, stones, windows, doors, roof tiles, floor boards and oak parquet flooring.

This way 90% of a demolished structure can be reused in the restoration of old buildings and the creation of new ones. This is a vital contribution to historical preservation. Please look for yourself.